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tv   Glenn Beck  FOX News  August 13, 2009 5:00pm-6:00pm EDT

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how you could start saving. [captioning made possible by fox news channel] captioned by the national captioning institute glenn: welcome to the glenn beck program. tonight, if you go to a town hall, beware. wait until you see what the media says -- well, you know. wait until you see what happens personally to people who have spoken out. also, it is the chicago way coming to washington. that's the good news. i'll show you the connection no one else, i think, has the guts to show you, and is the government spying on you? later on in the program. if you believe this government is great but that the government needs a serious wakeup call, then you sound the alarm! stand up for the republic! come on, follow me.
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i just want you to know, i'm keeping a picture of my hero, major garrett, close by all the time. he is the only one with the giblets to go ahead and ask the tough questions. god bless you, major. we're praying for you. hello, america. i've been watching the media watch the media watch the town hall protests. do you remember the initial reaction? i believe it was astroturf. these are fake grassroots. these people aren't even real. senator barbara boxer. i like to call her babbs, says the last time she saw such nicely-dressed fake protests protests -- i don't even know what that means -- was in 2000 in florida with al gore, which, by the way i lived in florida. maybe i was responsible for that, too. that wasn't fake anger that. was real anger. fast forward to today, the fake grassroots is obviously not fake, so now that the poll
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numbers are going in the wrong direction and more people are getting sympathy for the people who attend these town hall meetings, the media has bailed on that fake strategy, and now have changed their opinion from this is fake anger to, man, these people are so angry they're dangerous. they don't have a gun. oh, if people have guns, we should remove all the guns. here is the one thing tonight. the radicals of the left, many of whom now work or meet at the white house and i will continue to expose them in the coming days, have coopted the media and they want you, and listen carefully, to shut up and sit down. i believe they will do anything to make that happen. this is a game to these people. it is a billion and billion and billion and billion dollar game. people like you and me may be new to this game. i don't know about you, but i'm not a protestor. i have never made a sign. i have never done these things. we're used to having something
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i like to call "lives," and we work. the community organizers, they work at doing this kind of stuff. they're doing now what they do best. this protesting stuff is in their wheel house. were are we in this financial situation? because of people like acorn who force the banks to give loans to people who have no i.d. for regular joes like you, it's ok, you know, it's ok. we're here, but now what? we don't know. the media sees you, however, as anything but regular, more like a regular b.t.k. than a regular joe or a typical rich white person. take a look now at what you are being called by the media. >> the president believes and has always believed that town hall meetings are a very useful place for the discussion of issues. they ought to be able to
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conducted without shouting and shoving and pushing and people getting hurt. i think we can have honest policy disagreements without being either disagreeable or certainly without being violent. this mob activity is straight from the playbook of high-level republican political operatives. they have no plan for moving our country forward, so they have called out the mob. >> people are slowing up to events with swastikas, with signs invoking nazi germany. that's not something that is being made up. there are real questions about reform, but what we're trying to do is have a constructive debate and be productive on how to get healthcare reform
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that people so desperately need. >> these are astroturf people carrying swastikas and symbols like that to the town meetings on healthcare. >> the last time i had to confront a subject like this is when i voted for the civil rights bill and my opponent voted against it. at that time, we had a lot of can cu klux clan folks an white -- cu klux ku klux klan folks and folks in white sheets creating trouble.
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>> those of you who have taken, came, an hijacked this event that we are dealing with here, this is not a healthcare event. you made the choice to come here. not a single one of you had the decency to call my office and set up for a meeting. ok. then do that. do that! glenn: you are nuts. you are evil. you are crazy. you are annoying. you are are a racist. gee, you were a terrorist blowing up town hall meetings. i missed that story. i didn't see the one where they blew anybody up. this is quite a departure from the rhetoric in 2003. >> i am sick and tired of people who say that if you debate and you disagree with this administration somehow you're not patriotic, and we should stand up and say we are
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americans and we have a right to debate and disagree with any administration! glenn: with "any" administration. i wonder if that includes this one. now let's look at one of the violent protests on president bush in 2002. protestors stopped bill his motorcade and stone add car containing his advisors, chanting "bush is a terrorist. " the demonstrators bullied passers-by, including gay softball players and a wheelchair bound grandfather with m.s. and there was also this "wanted" poster of bush. also signs that read "christian fascism," complete with a swastika in the place where the letter s was on each word and angry demonstrators wielding 9/11 you let it happen signs, but remember, you're the crazy one. you're the violent one, for having a couple of overzealous idiots who yelled a bit too much.
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you know what? i don't advocate the yelling. be respectful and polite. you will always win when you are respectful and polite, always, but stand your ground, and stand up! these weasels don't have a spine. you do. but a little yelling compared to what happened to bush in 2002 doesn't exactly measure up. you might remember if you watch me or listen to me, i wasn't really a fan of george w. bush, especially towards the end, kind of muckied things up, but here is how the media e acted back then to the -- reacted back then to the violent protests of bush, first, from n.p.r. with your tax dollars. the residents of southern organ of org 0 of oregon who came out are clearly fed up with living next to wildfires. people here are sick of road closures, the five weeks of brown haze that has filled the valleys, and this one from the "the today show" with candle brown, saying "the demonstrators were protesting
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against fires, president bush's foreign policy and also his new forest initiative." lauer said, that's right, about 500 protestors in all. there were five arrests." wait a second. the people who needed to be pepper spayed and arrested by police -- don't get called crazy on "the today show." no, no. you do. in their case, their issues are traumaticed about and discussed on television, but you're crazy. even though president obama's approval rating is now down to 47%, when is the media going to start reflecting you? 50% now disapprove of how he is handling healthcare while only 43% approve. why are you being attacked? by the way, have you noticed no one is talking about healthcare anymore? no, no. they're personalizing things. they are attacking you because you are ruining that universal healthcare dream, and you will pay a price for that, my friend, because there are
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billions of dollars at stake. you must understand that this is all about money and massive control of power. there are up couple of rules in sol olinski's rules of radicals. number one, ridicule is the most potent weapon. it is hard to counterattack ridicule and it infuriates the opposition which then reacts to your advantage. i like that. i'm glad we ridicule on this program from time to time. guess who else can read? rule 12, pick a target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it. and pick a target, and go after them. that's what they're doing with talk radio. go after people and not institutions because people hurt faster than institutions. does this sound familiar? i haven't heard anybody talk
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about what is in the bill lately. i haven't heard it. since their rules are for radicals, let me give you a little germ of hope -- as long as no one plays into their hands. remember, they're radicals, poke, poke, poke, they want you to react. they're setting you up. don't do it. they're radicals. they're not rulers. they only know how to destroy, not to build. the truth, and common sense, they don't understand. you do. those two things are on your side. in the end, you win, because i think it was that other radical who said the truth shall set you free. here is fox news contributor karl rove, also the former senior advisor to that evil wicked george w. bush. how are you? >> good. glenn: karl looked at me like did you mean to say that? >> i thought is was the wicked one. glenn: you are darth vader,
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that's right. >> no, no, i wasn't darth vader. i was the seth lord. glenn: that's right. who was the one that would say that never happened. you let us pass. >> that is obie one. glenn: who is this in the administration? >> ari fleischer? i don't know. glenn: to me, i look at these stories happening in the news and i see these congressmen, and i don't know what they're telling themselves, but i think that the situation that we're in now, correct me if i'm wrong. you know strategy and politics in washington better than anybody. i think they're having to make a decision. do i side with the people who generally just sit around on their hands, or do i -- and by doing that, i go against acorn, the labor unions, the station, the thug -- the thug-ocracy that we're building, or do i side with them and they just keep me in
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power forever? >> i think you are close to it. members are sitting out there saying, look, is this real or not? if i'm a senator from a red state that went for john mccain or i'm one of the 49 democrat congressmen whose districts were carried by john mccain or 62 congressmen whose districts were carried are by bush or mccain and i'm a democrat, i'm saying is this real or not. glenn: how are you so far away that you don't know? >> they're a member of congress and they live in a wierd bubble especially in july. june and july before the august break it is like being in the locker room. the team gets together for caucus meetings and they're trying to get big things done, you know, we're going to get healthcare by the end of the july. you are in a bubble and you think everybody thinks like these guys. then you go home and you find out people are thinking something different. glenn: do you not have a spouse? do you not have friends that call you up, and, what are you doing? >> maybe, but look, you're a
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member of congress and everybody is intent on telling you you look pretty. people find it hard to give them bad news. they go home. that's why the administration is doing everything it can to denegrate what is going on around the country by saying that is not real, quote, astro astroturf, so all this coverage is not aimed -- glenn: we're almost like voyeurs. we're watching coverage aimed towards the congressmen? >> that's right. there are 60 members of the senate democrats an 258 democratic members of the house and the station is attempting to e assure them to don't pay attention to this, don't worry about it. they have another purpose. they want to chew up the clock. they don't want us to be talking about this bill. they want to talk about the town hall meetings and whether they are real or not real and whether they are astroturf or not astroturf, because then we're not talking about the provisions of the bill, which are a trillion dollars out of our pocket, huge cuts in
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medicare, huge tax increases, government taking over healthcare, people being tossed on to a government-run plan, and they don't want to talk about, it because the longer we talk about it, the worse it is for them. glenn: so that's one of the things i have been concerned about is it is always the other hand with this administration. it is never this. it is a master of misdirection. look over here, over here, while this one is robbing you blind. >> right. glenn: i have talked to somebody today that one of the associates with one of the czars is personally muscling people on a few things, and i wonder -- >> are you surprised? glenn: no. >> we see that in healthcare. can you imagine in healthcare, they got the insurance companies helping fund their advertising effort at the same time they're saying that is the evil insurance companies that have caused all the problems. glenn: aarp. >> same thing with aarp.
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glenn: they said they endorsed it. they are in bed with seiu. >> they have are, are but they have a conflict because they have medicare advantage plans that they provide their members and the administration says we're going to gut that advantage and remove the opportunity for people to put up some of their money. glenn: karl we're at the time where people need to choose a side. they need to say, you know what? you can destroy me? you know, aarp, if i'm the c.e.o. of aarp, i go and hold a press conference and say this is what the administration said to me, and you know what? you have to make a choice. you have to make a choice. stop playing these back game deals. they destroy you. if you don't stand up now, this machine is going to get so strong, it is just going to be chicago forever. >> it is starting to happen. today the largest hospital chain in america stepped forward and wrote a courage scwus piece in the "wall
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street journal" about how bad this was for american hobbs. john mackie, the head of whole foods wrote a fantastic piece in the "wall street journal" saying here is what we ought to do instead of having the government take it over. people are starting to get sort of, you know, understand the consequences in the country if we go down this road. it is ordinary people, people who have a stake in the action, people who have never been involved in politics before. glenn: let me ask you one last question -- i think it's about time for a game-changing moment, where somebody in washington stands in the senate floor and says, you know what? this is all about special interests. this is all about special interests are. i'm out, from both of your parties, when either party wants to say we're out and we are going to represent that person, not the media, not getting re-elected, not the special interests, not the unions, not anything, but the people that voted for me, then
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i'll consider the party that wants to do it, but i think there needs to be a game-changing moment. i think there needs to be a moment of like sarah palin where you stand up and say enough is enough. >> i think we got it. i don't think we need to have somebody stand on the floor of the senate and say i'm going to be the one to change it. glenn: mr. smith -- have you watched mr. smith goes to washington? >> it is one of my favorite movies, a fabulous movie. glenn: "mr. smith goes to washington" if somebody has that moment, they will change things forever. >> we have that moment. there are trens of thousands of mr. and mrs. smiths having that moment showing up at town hall meetings and having their voices heard. that was the world of the 1930's. this is the world of the 2000's. glenn: there is no leader for that movement. maybe sarah palin. >> look, we can't depend on one leader. we have good people. we have congressman ryan, congressman nunez, senator coburn, senator burr, all these people coming forward with positive ideas making their voice heard in the
5:19 pm
healthcare debate and i think they are doing a great job. glenn: karl, great to see you. closer look into the white house today. oh, i hope this doesn't cause tubal. rahm emanuel, chicago-style politics, and the white house. next. quality and reliability...
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glenn: chicago is known for dirty politics, windy city, native rahm emanuel no exception to the chicago way. he was known as the bag man in the clinton white house. that sounds good. now, in the obama administration, his strong-arm tactics are helping make all of obama's dreams come true. it is scary but true. pat kidel, a former democratic pollster and fox news contributor. how are you, sir? >> good to meet you. glenn: good to meet you. help me out here. there are a couple of distushessing connections. i think this whole administration is all about connections. >> absolutely. glenn: so it's really not about what you see -- >> it's everybody connected to everybody else, and the money.
5:24 pm
glenn: it is almost community organizing. >> in a large way. glenn: in a large way, ok. help me out. where do we start with rahm emanuel? >> we start with his role, as you said, in the clinton white house. he leaves the clinton white house and gets two jobs. he gets put on the board of boad of freddie mac, the second of the big giant mortgage companies. >> what is his equal fiks? didn't he go to school for danceing? >> he studied ballet dancing in college. he was trained for ballet. glenn: freddie mac doesn't do ballet. that's true. the other job he has is that he gets a job with wasserman pearl, a major wall street deal company, and he gets in their chicago office, and he makes $16 million in less than 2 years. glenn: in two years? >> yes. glenn: $16 million is ma he makes. >> on top of the quarter million taxpayers gave him for
5:25 pm
freddie mac. he was there when they were cooking the books. he was there when they were cooking the books. glenn: how did he make the $16 million? >> basically on one large deal, a big deal he got it on was he was advising s.b.c. which later grew into the new at&t. glenn: ok, s.b.c. >> right. glenn: here is what is interesting about the s.b.c. thing is the guy who helped make this deal took a loss, did he not? >> yes. they had to sell because they bought another phone company, ameritech. they had to get rid of a company called security link t was a billion and a half dollar investment. he sold to a group headed by a bess bethesda group led by mr. acre, the chairman and sold to a group led by m emanuel for $500 million. six months later, the investment bank that bought it sold it for a billion dollars.
5:26 pm
glenn: that's a good investment! >> not bad. he took out a huge amount of money. now, the president at that time, whiteacre was the chaik chairman of sb. glenn: america, does the name whitacre, the gay who helped rahm emanuel make $16, does the name whitacre rick a bell? >> because when they appointed the new chairman of g.m. who announced the appointment, i know nothing about the car business, his name was edmond whitacre. glenn: oh, my goodness, it is the new chairman of g.m.! >> it gets better, because the second name down in the corner, bill daley, brother of the mayor, a real powerful force, a person pulling the strings in the obama camp is bill daley and one of his closest friends is jim johnson, chairman of fannie
5:27 pm
mae. his qualifications for the largest mortgage company in the world was that he had been walter mondale's campaign manager. he puts him on the board there. glenn: real quick, let me ask you -- why is no one connecting these dots? >> that's what drives me crazy corruption is killing this country. it is corruption on on the republican side and the democratic side. it is a cancer on the society. no one will touch this story. nobody has made this connection in the media, well, because they have decided they have a new role, which is to serve as lackeys. glenn: you are a democrat. i am an independent. i am a conservative. let me tell you something -- >> both these parties are in trouble. glenn: they are in deep trouble. you bring us any connections, i will air the story with my last breath. >> there is so much to uncover. glenn: you stay close to us, sir and we will uncover it. >> will do. back in a minute many
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>> when an angry mob does this. next.
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>> hello, everyone. i'm patti ann browne. people worried about healthcare have flooded congress with so many e-mails they is overloaded the house website. technical support has issued a warning to staff that the site, may be slow or unresponsive because of the large volume of e-mails being
5:32 pm
sent to members. hundreds of firefighters are battling a wildfire that has forced 2,400 people in california's santa cruz mountains to evacuate their homes, and les paul died today at age 94. the guitarrest and inventor changed the course of music with the electric guitar and electric track recording. he had a string of hits, many with wife mary ford. now bret baier previews what is on "special report." new polls show democrats have an uphill battle to pass healthcare reform legislation, and sarah palin responds directly to president obama. join me at the top of the hour. now back to glenn. glenn: hello, america. time for bringing you the stories where americans, and the media and government are not using their heads. have you noticed how the media and the d.n.c. are describing
5:33 pm
those hate mongers that are attending healthcare town halls? i have seen the d.n.c. ad. have you? >> now desperate republicans and their well-funded allies are organizing angry mobs, just like they did during the election. their goal is to destroy president obama. glenn: that's the goal. they are right. as the philadelphia enquirer wrote about senator arlen specter's town hall this week, quote, anger on healthcare boils over at specter events. they booed and taunted senator arlen specter calling him a tyrant as anger at the democratics' proposed overhaul of healthcare system boiled over in a pair of town hall meetings tuesday." i saw the video. i have seen it myself. look away if you have small children. nothing but crazed mobs. here is the video.
5:34 pm
whoa, whoa! oh! i can't watch anymore. stop it! i can't watch anymore. alert the authorities! somebody coming an thanking the senator for being there and then giving his opinion. oh, the humanity. how is it -- please tell me he's in jail. let the left teach you, america, how to demonstrate peacefully and make your point and come together. do you remember, oh, the days of peaceful immigration protests. oh, those were -- oh, there it is. and setting the american flag on fire and -- wow. wow. you know, those well-organized mobs must have gone crazy when it came to the president's town hall. before the event, art levine,
5:35 pm
contributing editor of "the washington monthly" wrote in "the huffington post" quote "will g.o.p. mobs disrupt obama's town hall today? the network of lobby fueled activists and progressives supporting reform are ramping up their organizing. expect massive and potentially ugly right-wing protests right outside the hall." whew. well, secret service, i mean, they were eagle eyed, thank god. pray. i mean this seriously, pray for our secret service every night. they planned out how the tickets should be distributed so everybody could get in and then the violent protests from outside and inside. did you see it? >> what's your name? >> julia hall from massachusetts. >> nice to meet you, jewel ya.
5:36 pm
>> i was walking in and i saw a lot of signs outside saying mean things about reform in healthcare. how do kids know what is true and why do people want a new system that can help more of us? glenn: stop, stop! i can't stand it. this poor girl was walking in and she saw signs. she saw signs. let me show you, again, you hate-mongering radicals what the left shows you how to protests so little children don't have to see the violence and the hatred like signs and stuff. for instance, i have the videotape of the way the left was he behaving at the republican national committee conference in 2008 and 2004. here it is.
5:37 pm
see. glenn: rock on! that's the way to do it. yeah! power to the people! yeah! this is the way. see, there's no ugliness there. i would be perfectly comfortable having my kids walk by that. in fact, i went to, i believe, the r.n.c. to cover that in 2004. i went to that, and i remember being so wildly uncomfortable at the people screaming awful ugly death threats at me. i'm glad my kids couldn't have attended. "the baltimore sun" writes "mob rule takes over healthcare debate. certain demonstrators enraged that congress wants to reform america's dysfunctional health insurance system, and they have adopted the tactics of a mob." what are we are dealing with? what we're dealing with is a mob and not a dealing with
5:38 pm
is a mob and not a thoughtful group of revoluntionaries. the mob is angry and it wants to be noticed. please. even if your child is 42, take them out of the room right now. we have video from this very town hall meeting in new jersey where congressman, democratic congressman steven rothman -- i can't even -- just roll the tape. >> i am concerned about my healthcare. >> i'm paying up to 85%. glenn: disop it! stop it! that was scary, wasn't it? the mobs! can't we learn how to protest peacefully, like they did back
5:39 pm
in 1992 in los angeles. remember the peaceful protests after the police involved in the rodney king beating were cleared? people took to the streets in harmony and peace and they sang. we were all just saying, hey, give peace a chance. by the way, you know what's funny? van jones, the new green jobs czar, he was one of the guys arrested by the police. yeah. in that particular event. yeah. yeah. the new green jobs czar, who said months later "i went in to prison a radical anarchist anarchist -- i'm pulling this quote from my head -- "i came out a communist." well, i don't know about you, but i'm sure glad to know that van jones is a communist, a radical, the anarchist, the guy you know, that is part of the rodney king riots, i'm sure glad he has the ear of the president, because they can work out all kinds of
5:40 pm
peaceful things, you know what i'm saying? i want you to understand, i am not saying people aren't angry at the town halls. oh, they are angry. i'm not saying that some people aren't stepping over the line, because they are. hanging a congressman in effigy is wrong, just as it was when people hung an effigy of president bush, yeah. shouting down and booing is disrespectful. i've said all along -- go to the town halls. speak your mind. you question boldly. it's not just your right. it's your responsibility as an american, but no one is talking about the media shouting down the protestors. see, it's because -- well, nobody runs tape on them, except maybe me. they don't have to shout. all they have to do is just keep showing this sid yo over and over again and keep whispering "they're crazy" all over again. don't give them the am nation to use against you -- don't give them the ammunition
5:41 pm
against you. if one person gets angry, the media will show you the one person that is out of control. bring your cam a to show how things are really going down, and remember, use your head. >> instead of hope, we get swastikas and t-shirts proclaiming proud member of the mob." they don't get it and they never will. next.
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glenn: hello, major. love ya. america, we just showed you the difference between real mobs and peaceful pleasant discourse. let me show you what these loving progressives like "the new york times" columnist maureen dowd think of you for showing up to express yourself at town hall meetings. she had a column out this last week and wrote "instead of multicultural tableau of beaming young idealists on screen, we see ugly scenes of mostly older and white
5:46 pm
malcontents, disrupting forums where others have actually come to learn something." did you catch that? progressives are teaching us -- you're not teaching them, no, no. these town halls are for you to learn, not for the congressmen or the senators. that's right. all we need to learn. apparently all we need to learn is that we now work for them, not the other way around. they don't work for us. i also learn from maureen that unless you're multi-cultural, whatever that means, you're not quite as valid. whites, i guess, especially, heaven forbid, what did she say, older whites, don't seem to have much legitimacy in this new america. america's seniors, don't you wore worry about any health panel, that crazy sarah palin. they won't devalue your life. no, no, a columnist from the
5:47 pm
new york times will do that for them. now, if you burn an american flag or wave another flag of another country on the streets while demanding this country do more for you, that is simply engaging in spirited discussion, or harvesting the fruits of our democratic process. by the way, maureen, i hate to point this little thing out. we're not a democracy. we're a republic, but you probably knew that. if you're fed up with the unpopular bloated government takeovers of the banking, insurance, car industries and now our healthcare system and soon to get cap and trade, too, why, if you happen to be white, you're part of an ugly scene and we're giant blobs of icky white people foaming at the mouth and have bloodshot eyes an veins popping out of their foreheads congregate to share hate. as maureen put it, you would think a politician schooled in community organizing and foul balls of a presidential campaign would be ready to
5:48 pm
squash this kind of nuttiesness. yes. you would think so. i think he is. i'm sorry, did i say that out loud? oopsie. but you might wonder how he would squash this kind of nuttiness, an would squashing this kind of nuttiness be the kind of thing you would expect from the leader of the united states of america, or, i don't know, some other country? i can't think of any other country. i can't think of one that squashes nuttiness. there must be one, or perhaps two. hmm. you know what? maureen dowd, i'll wait here. you can teach us the names of those countries that have squashed the nuttiness. we'll wait. oh, by the way, we're going to hear from one of those scary radicals from the town halls, next. sfx: coin drop, can shaking
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glenn: i wanted to turn to judge andrew napolitano about a story that came to me this morning. katie be a bram is a mom who laid into arlen specter in a firm but respectful way and gave him an earful on government-run healthcare. she called me at my radio program and at 4:45 this morning, she said i'm afraid. here is a piece of what she said on the radio show. >> i got a phone call, oh, my god, and he called me something, and then he called me a racist. glenn: she went on. i talked to her about ten minutes. it was one of the most powerful phone calls. you can hear it on my website at it was one of the most powerful segments we had in quite some time. here is a regular person and
5:54 pm
she said "glenn, i didn't realize i was walking into a buzz saw." judge, what can folks do? they are trying to intimidate people. >> the liberals liberal about everything but liberty. they don't want you to exercise your most fundamental liberties if it is an obstacle to their big government plans. here is what she can do. any effort to intimidate her free speech by a private person, by something from the government by something from the government pretending to be a private person violates the constitution and federal law. glenn: what do you do? you get a cell phone or a phone call, what do you do? >> record every call. keep your cell phone with you. if you are in a situation where it's not easy for you to get a handgun, the camera is the new gun. whenever anybody comes near you that expresses an opinion to you from the government or else wise, what they say. video if you can, audio at least. second, you can file any kind of a complaint 24 hours a day
5:55 pm
with the local police. file it with the f.b.i. between 9:00 and 5:00. you can actually get them in the middle of the night, if necessary, as well. why the f.b.i.? because your right to speak freely is protected by the federal constitution and any interference with the federal right, the f.b.i. has to investigate. >> you know what? they are trying to keep people in their house. >> right. >> because the republic cannot stand if people do not stand for the republic. do you know what i mean? >> i know exactly what you mean. >> it is not going to be exactly -- unlike everything else in this world, and i have said this for a while, they are growing bigger government, bigger everything. the answer is the individual. >> correct. this wonderful woman who called you, this wonderful woman who challenged arlen specter in a way that we all watched and admired. she is now being threatened and intimidated. she and everyone like her needs to remember, glenn, the reason we have free speech today is because people like
5:56 pm
her 200 years ago were willing to challenge authority and not to be intimidated. glenn: i want you to know, we're not saying that arlen specter had anything to do with it, as far as we know, he has been a gentleman the whole time. i wildly disagree with him, but he presented himself as a gentleman at these town hall meetings. ♪
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glenn: there's a big rally in washington d.c. on


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